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What People Are Saying

"NuIT is my go to nutrition product. It's so delicious, and it has everything I want. Every morning starts with two big spoonfuls of NuIT in my smoothie, it gives me so much energy. LOVE IT!"

Erika B. / Business Owner

NuIT makes it so easy - and delicious - to get all of the core micronutrients you need on a plant-based diet in your smoothie, on toast or in your morning oats. NuIT is nut butter, optimized to help you thrive!

Desiree Nielsen / RD

I use NuIT all the time after my workouts. It's high in protein and healthy fats, plus has all the key nutrients to refuel and recover faster! Can't recommend this product enough. Game changer! 

John D. / Triathlete

There are so many ways to enjoy NuIT

toast with apple jam and cinnamon

There are so many ways to enjoy NuIT

pancakes with fruit and seeds

There are so many ways to enjoy NuIT

filled in dates and covered in chocolate