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Fall Dreaming

Posted by Steph Marcil on
Fall Dreaming

I’m a total sucker for pumpkin spice, plus knowing there are health benefits to these spices like cinnamon and ginger for inflammation, digestion and lowering blood glucose levels it’s a total win-win! I also added some pumpkin seeds for a little crunch (and extra iron)! It’s a favourite these days and I’m using it in everything! From oatmeal, to apples, to drizzling on squash!

If you dare mess with NuIT OG, here’s the recipe I used: 1T/jar. You can also test it out in a separate jar, and add to taste. I didn’t sweeten it, but if you like it on the sweeter side maple syrup is a great choice.

Pumpkin spice overload?… You only live once, right? :)


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