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In this post, I would like to share how NuIT came to be the product that it is today. 

Over the past year, we have gone through four major revisions in our formulation, in addition to the countless sample tests of each version to find the perfect amount and combination of ingredients. Needless to say, we probably ate most people’s life’s worth of almond butter over the past year and I seriously started to consider if we should acquire our own almond orchard. 

I hope the following explanation of our development process will offer some transparency as to why NuIT is what it is, and encourage suggestions for further revisions. 


The Evolution of NuIT: 

The first version was a meal replacement product. The base was made from almond butter and coconut butter with the addition of pea and hemp protein. It also contained a number of micronutrient, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. There were many issues with this version. First, and most obvious, is that few people are willing to sacrifice 400 calories to fulfill their micronutrient requirements. Second, having a base of almond butter and coconut butter meant the product was high in fat, a significant proportion being in the form of saturated fat. This did not sit well with people. Third, at cooler temperatures, the product would harden preventing it from being spread. Three major strikes, we moved on. 

The second version was essentially almond butter with the nutrition profile of a multivitamin supplement. The formulation also included a number of whole food ingredients such as pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, chlorella powder, moringa leaf powder, maca powder and curcumin. The biggest issue with this version was that it didn’t satisfy the function we were trying to achieve - a product to fill the micronutrient gaps inherent in a plant-based diet. Instead, it reminded us of most other nutrition products out there, which contain a laundry list of ingredients to make it look good. Our goal was to make every ingredient count. It was time to cut the BS and focus on the key micronutrients. 

The third version contained a combination of whole-food ingredients with the addition of the key micronutrients. From a nutritional standpoint, it was the best version yet. However, many people didn’t like the green colour from the chlorella (high in iron) or the sweetness of stevia. Another issue with this product was the cost. We wanted to make the most nutrient dense almond butter possible, however with all the bells and whistles, came a significant increase in the cost of the product. NuIT’s mission is to improve access to good nutrition, meaning it needed to be affordable (or at least more affordable). After some reflection, we knew we had to cut down, even more, to get to the true essence, function, and purpose of the product. 

The fourth version of NuIT is the one we are releasing to market. We removed all the “extra” ingredients and stripped it down to its core - to look, taste, smell and spread just like almond butter. Essentially, we designed NuIT to be almond butter but way better.

Please note that this is not the end. We are constantly testing out new formulations in our efforts to make the best possible product(s!) that work for you. 




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