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The question at the core of NuIT is how can we make nutrition a better experience?

There are many problems with the traditional multivitamin supplement. But for all its problems, why hasn’t the multivitamin changed since it was introduced in the 1940’s?

There are three parts. First is convenience, it’s pretty easy to take a pill. Second is belief. We believe in things that we can see, and belief enables the placebo effect; If we can see it, we believe it, and trick ourselves into feeling its effects. The last piece is convincing people of its benefit. This is communicated by health care practitioners, nutritionist and supplement companies, and reinforces our belief of its benefits.

The question is, are people who take a daily multivitamin healthier than those who don’t? Many studies have shown this is not the case, yet over 55% of American adults still consume them.

Clearly the system is broken if it’s not working. So why do we keep doing it? And can we build something that does?

With NuIT we tried taking all the “good” of the traditional multivitamin, improve on the “bad”, and create a nutrition product that would provide real value (benefit) to users.

Arguably the most important component is convenience. And what can be more convenient than a pill? Our answer to this was to make a product that would seamlessly integrate into people’s daily habits, to supplement without supplements.  

Second is belief. We needed to show the nutritional content of our product. First was to get our product certified by Health Canada in the form of a Natural Product Number (NPN). The problem is that few people know of this certification, let alone know what it means. So, we needed another, clearer method to communicate the nutritional value of our product. This is where the product packaging plays an important role. We wanted to put the nutrition facts label on the front, but in a visually appealing way. So, we came up with a “Spin Wheel” that depicts the nutritional contents of each serving of our product.

Third is to convince. We’re not reinventing the nutrition wheel, just employing a new, better method of delivery. We use whole food, plant-based extracts and combine them with healthy fats to deliver nutrition in a way that is better digested and absorbed by the body.

Having a product that checks all the boxes does not guarantee success, far from it. But the more you consider consumers requests, the better. There are two areas of focus for NuIT moving forward, cost and inclusion. We are working on products that will provide better nutrition for around $1.00/day, and also do not contain any common allergens for a more inclusive consumer base.

For us, NuIT is a community of people who care about their health and want to improve their nutrition in a way that aligns with their values. We want to make the best products possible, because your health is the most important thing to us.

Please send us an email if you have any questions or suggestions on how we can do better.


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