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The most common question people have asked us when receiving samples of NuIT to test is how to consume it. In short, it depends, and I think it is worth explaining that this was our intention. 

Our mission is to make good nutrition more accessible, so we needed to make a product that would fit people’s lifestyles wherever they are: at home, on-the-go and when traveling. 

At home: We wanted NuIT to be easily incorporated into simple homemade meals and snacks, such as oatmeal, fresh fruit, toast or a smoothie. In addition, we notice people are becoming very creative making foods like no-bake trail mix bars, superfood energy balls, smoothie bowls, chia seed puddings, avocado ice cream…etc. So Cool! For these applications we see NuIT being added as an additional ingredient, and depending on the recipe, the almond butter taste can be made to stand out or blend in, whichever is preferred. 

On-the-go: This was a big area of focus. Throughout our user testing, it came to our attention that a lot of people eat a significant portion of their meals outside the home. So, we decided to explore the city to learn more about the healthy foods available and evaluate how NuIT could be incorporated into these options. Typically, foods and beverages come pre-packaged or are made on the spot, which means either the business or customer will be the one incorporating NuIT. For pre-packaged options, NuIT needed to be easily spread, stirred or topped, and obviously a delicious addition, to the product being purchased. For options made on the spot, we learnt that food service establishments typically do not allow customers to customize their orders with their own ingredients during the preparation process, only once the product is paid for and handed over to the customer. Consumer safety is always a priority, and for good reason. This motivated us even more to partner with local companies who make amazing, healthy foods, to offer NuIT to their customers in a safe manner. 

Traveling: As an increasing part of people’s lives, we knew NuIT needed to be super travel-friendly. In addition to speaking with athletes, business people and many others who spend a large part of the year on the road, we took notes from our own travels to ensure NuIT could be adapted to almost any circumstance. There were a few things we kept in mind. To truly travel-friendly, people had to be able to eat it directly without the need for any additional ingredients. This was essential because in some places clean drinking water can be hard to come by and having quick and nutritious sources of energy to keep going is key. We also wanted something that could be added to portable foods, such as fresh fruit, as people often spend a lot of time walking around and sightseeing during their travels. Another consideration was the weight of the product. Being able to throw a couple packs of NuIT into a suitcase for a vacation or a backpack for a camping trip without taking up too much room was important. In addition, we wanted NuIT to conform to the size requirements for liquids and gels allowed in carry-on baggage, giving people the ability to bring NuIT onto the plane with them. When traveling, simple, portable and healthy snacks are always good to have, and we hope to have achieved this with NuIT. 

No matter what the circumstance, fulfilling all your nutritional requirements should never be something you have to compromise. For this reason, we tried to consider all the places a person could go and make NuIT accessible in these situations. However, we know we did not cover them all. If you ever have suggestions as to how we can improve, please do not hesitate to reach out. 



Photo Credits: Kimber Pine, Taylor Kiser, Jennifer Pallian, Taylor Kiser, Jakub Kapusnak, Chris Lawton, Jake Melara, Michael Guite. 

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