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We Believe the Future is Plant-Based  

NuIT started with the belief that good nutrition should be easy and enjoyable. For those consuming a plant-based diet, certain key micronutrients can be difficult to get. Taking multiple supplements every day is not working; it’s confusing, frustrating and a huge hassle. We knew there had to be a better way, so we set out to create it. 

Good nutrition is just one piece of the puzzle to improve our food system, human health and environmental sustainability. But it’s our focus, as we believe significant improvements can be achieved by shifting towards a plant-based diet.

Moving forward, new research discoveries and technological innovations will offer immense opportunities for change, and finding ways to utilize them to make good nutrition more accessible is our ultimate goal. 


To improve people’s access to the nutrition they need to be healthy and thrive on a plant-based diet.


Building Community: We want to support people coming together to bring about positive change to the world. 

Brutal Honesty: Expressing how we truly feel without holding back allows us to communicate better and get things done more efficiently. 

Respect: We encourage differing opinions with the goal to learn and better ourselves.  


Steph Marcil, Founder. 

The idea for a product like NuIT started many years ago while I was competing as an Alpine Ski Racer. Being a plant-based athlete and traveling around the world most of the year, it was challenging to find healthy nutrition products that would help me fulfill all my nutritional requirements. Taking multiple supplements wasn’t cool, so I started putting these “Key Micronutrients” into my Almond Butter, my go-to fuel source. 

Recognizing that many others also shared a difficulty in getting all the nutrition they needed, I started handing out my almond butter. People loved it and asked how they could get more. 

No longer my secret nutrition weapon, I started a company to make NuIT Almond Butter available to everyone. 

Although my skiing career is over, I still enjoy getting outdoors to ride my bike, hike the mountain trails and run along the beach. I am also extremely passionate about the future of human nutrition, and how we can integrated various technologies into our everyday life to increase our access to the nutrition we need and be better informed about our health.